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Quality Clasps Since 1949
A Clasp for Every Strand.

About Us

Grassmann-Blake, Inc.
Leading the Industry with Quality Clasps Since 1949
The humble clasp - the often overlooked device so necessary for pearls, beads, necklaces and bracelets is the mainstay at Grassmann-Blake, Inc.
Over the past three quarters of a century, Grassmann-Blake has steadfastly focused their niche in the jewelry industry with the creation of the finest quality clasps. From the simple, delicate, yet strong die struck pearl clasps that are famous worldwide, to hand-crafted, cast designer clasps, Grassmann-Blake is the firm the industry relies on for style and quality.
Founded in 1949 by Richard M. Blake, Sr. and Edward E. Grassmann, Sr., the firm began manufacturing die struck pearl clasps in Newark, New Jersey. By 1960 Grassmann-Blake, Inc. outgrew the space and moved to Millburn, New Jersey. In 1976 the Blake family purchased the Grassmann family interest.
Today, Richard Jr. and Frank Blake continue the business founded by their father 70 years ago. Keeping the focus on quality, innovation and an emphasis on friendly, helpful and personal customer service, the business continues to grow. "We truly enjoy what we're doing, we take great pride in our reputation for quality. It’s a great product made by our great staff and innovative manufacturing techniques," stated President Richard Blake.
Grassmann-Blake product development is one of the keys to the company’s success. Whether it’s a new locking mechanism or the latest in styling, Grassmann-Blake is continually striving for perfection.
"We look forward to the future and working to help our customers improve and enhance their lines with beautiful quality clasps."